Maud & Arne - 2010
Maud & Arne – photo by Brooks Peterson

The CD from ARNE FOGEL, MAUD HIXSON, and the Wolverines Quintet

Also available from: AMAZON.


  • You can also buy the CD at one of Arne’s singing engagements (see “CALENDAR” page)

“Some wonderful material from the past has been turned into magic by Arne Fogel & Maud Hixson. Listen, it’s great!” —— MARGARET WHITING

“14 fun-filled tracks….The selection of tunes on this program is simply wonderful. They have dug a bit below the surface to come up with ditties that are not overdone, and in some cases, sadly neglected….One word is sufficient to describe all of this – delightful!” ———JOSEPH LANG, JERSEY JAZZ

“Duet or solo, the ethic of collaboration permeates each track……”Let’s Not Be Sensible!” is ripe with instinctive communication and mutual admiration, not only between the two vocal stars, but between musicians and audience. Everyone here, everyone within earshot, has a good time.” ——–ANDREA CANTER, JAZZ POLICE.COM

“….An exciting effort by the two singers…..it’s Fogel & Hixson who show what a duo can do….”—-–STEVE HECKLER, MPLS.ST.PAUL MAGAZINE

“I was in the middle of my fantasy! I had purchased my round-trip to New York. Where to go? One stop for sure – The Algonquin, to catch Arne Fogel and Maud Hixson. For a program full of rich messages about days and times beyond my dreams. But, here it is, and we’ll pick up the tab! Listen…..” —–LEIGH KAMMAN, “THE JAZZ IMAGE”(TM), MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO

“Everything sits together beautifully. The songs are all well chosen and the accompaniments have been deftly conceived to provide a perfect framework for the singing…Maud is quite a find….It’s refreshing to hear two singers so much in accord with their material and with each other.” ———–KEN BARNES, RECORD PRODUCER (Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Jack Jones, Fred Astaire, Johnny Mercer, etc.)

“What Fogel does is subtle. His baritone is good bourbon on the rocks – sweet with a touch of snap……wins you over completely with a wistful blend of warmth and flashes of wit…..(Hixson’s) voice has the sophistication of silver satin, a cool sexiness that’s absolutely in control of the situation…. Hixson & Fogel’s collaboration of joyous duets, “Let’s Not Be Sensible”, presents both artists in a fun frolic of adult musical attraction. The chemistry is Astaire graciously supporting Ginger Rogers to swirl in all her shimmering glory.” ———–LYDIA HOWELL, MINNEAPOLIS OBSERVER

“….In fact, although it’s only early January, I wouldn’t be surprised if (“Let’s Not Be Sensible!”) didn’t finish up on my ‘best of’ list by the end of the year.” ———–GERRY STONESTREET, IN TUNE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE

“(Hixson) combines expressive phrasing and dead-on intonation…her voice is a perfect blend with Fogel’s mellow baritone….. The CD’s concept works, in fact, because both have a serious interest in the art and history of the ballad….” ——–DICK PARKER, TWIN CITIES JAZZ NOTES “CODA”

“The Twin Cities…have some of the best musicians in the country. And the best have been assembled for “Let’s Not Be Sensible!”…..Take this wonderful band (the Wolverines Quintet) and add the vocals of Fogel and Hixson and you get fantastic duets. Both turn in great performances, blending their sounds to create pleasing harmonies throughout…..you need this CD in your library….” ———FALL 2005 ISSUE: STRUTTERS QUARTERLY