Check the Calendar page for NEW dates: Continuing engagements at PARMA 8200, HELL’S KITCHEN, INGREDIENTS CAFE, CROONERS & others…

“WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW – THE MUSIC OF BURT BACHARACH & HAL DAVID” ….Arne Fogel and Jennifer Eckes will once again be dishing out a sumptuous selection of Bacharach-David tunes for this special concert! ….WISHIN’ AND HOPIN’ – ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART – WALK ON BY – WHAT’S NEW PUSSYCAT – THIS GUY’S IN LOVE WITH YOU – I SAY A LITTLE PRAYER – THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE – And many more favorites! – Hastings, MN is the place, and the details (and tickets) are HERE.

Maud, Arne, Jennifer
Maud, Arne, Jennifer

Announcing a brand-new concert presentation coming up at BLOOMINGTON CENTER FOR THE ARTS in March-April: Arne Fogel – Maud Hixson – Jennifer Eckes: TEAMWORK! Great Songwriting Teams of Broadway and Hollywood! – Featuring Arne Fogel, Maud Hixson, and special guest star Jennifer Eckes, with Rick Carlson on piano. More info at: HERE.

…Arne Fogel continues to serve BING CROSBY INTERNET RADIO as the “announcer’s” voice, introducing programs and radio “bumpers” in between the programs. The “BING’S BASEMENT” specials, originally produced by Arne in association with Bing Crosby Enterprises for SIRIUS XM are frequently heard on this 24/7 channel as well. Tune in HERE to hear this new internet channel!

…..On April 13th, 2016, NANCY HARMS performed “ELLINGTON AT NIGHT” for two sold-out audiences in LINCOLN CENTER’S “DIZZY’S CLUB COCA-COLA. The performance served as the introduction to NYC audiences of the new CD, “ELLINGTON AT NIGHT”, which was co-produced by ARNE FOGEL and NANCY HARMS, and based on the original “Ellington at Night” show which was created by Harms and Fogel….

….NANCY HARMS’ concert “ELLINGTON AT NIGHT” which made its debut at New York City’s Metropolitan Room on February 25th, was a wonderful success, warmly and enthusiastically received. Author and critic JAMES GAVIN (“Is That All There Is? – The strange life of Peggy Lee” and “Intimate Nights – The golden age of New York cabaret”) wrote:

“Both jazz- and cabaretland could learn a lot from the elegant, understated, but beautifully expressive tribute to Duke Ellington that Nancy Harms gave on Wednesday at the Metropolitan Room. Cowritten by Arne Fogel and arranged by her very gifted young pianist, Jeremy Siskind, this show, and Nancy’s featherweight, postcoital sound, made even Ellington warhorses sound new to my ears…”

Co-created by ARNE FOGEL and NANCY HARMS, and featuring fresh and unique arrangements by JEREMY SISKIND, the concert features a selection of familiar (and some not-so-familiar) Ellington themes in which Nancy reveals the moods and nuances of the night as captured by the brilliant Mr. Ellington. “ELLINGTON AT NIGHT” made its West Coast debut at Sheila E’s E SPOT LOUNGE in Los Angeles on June 18th, 2015 and was once again performed in New York’s METROPOLITAN ROOM on September 1st, 6th, 9th, and 19th, 2015. Nancy has continued to tour with ELLINGTON AT NIGHT, taking the concert to venues on both East and West Coasts, as well as in Paris, Rome, London (Royal Albert Hall), Copenhagen, Vancouver, and Chicago. Further information can be found at

STEPHEN HOLDEN of the NEW YORK TIMES said in his 9-9-15 review of Nancy and “Ellington At Night” (Sept. 6th performance):

“…..A tough, demanding swinger emerged in up-tempo numbers like “Long, Strong, and Consecutive” and “Just Squeeze Me,” which she delivered as assertive instructional songs on sexual etiquette…..Ms. Harms revealed the determination of a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants…. her renditions were stream-of-consciousness reflections by a singer reining in emotions until they exploded from within. …The final impression left by Ms. Harms was of a complicated enigmatic woman of mystery forging her own path.”

……Over 2 million fans of, and their over 15 million total votes for the year, have all been well-crunched: In their “Top 30” songs for 2015, “WEIGHT OF THE WORLD” comes in at number SIX, with over 600,000 VOTES for the year! -Very exciting! The track was performed by NANCY HARMS, written and produced by NANCY HARMS and ARNE FOGEL, from the album “Dreams In Apartments”.

"Songs I Wish I Had Sung" - Deluxe CD re-issue
“Songs I Wish I Had Sung” – Deluxe CD re-issue
…..Arne Fogel, working under the supervision of BING CROSBY ENTERPRISES’ vice president for marketing and production ROBERT S. BADER, has written the liner notes for the deluxe reissue of Bing Crosby’s 1956 album “SONGS I WISH I HAD SUNG (The First Time Around)”. The album, Crosby’s very first original 12-inch Long-Player, is now available in worldwide release.  See BINGCROSBY.COM for further info about this and other great new Crosby CD and DVD releases.


….“HOUSEWARMING”, The new album by JEREMY SISKIND was released on February 24th, featuring several new Siskind compositions and beautifully reinvented classic tunes. Once again, Siskind (piano) is joined by co-stars NANCY HARMS, vocal, and LUCAS PINO, woodwinds. Special Guests on the album are internationally-known vocalists KURT ELLING, KENDRA SHANK, and PETER ELDRIDGE. The album was recorded at Systems Two in New York City, and mixed and mastered at Creation Audio in Minneapolis, under the direction of ARNE FOGEL. “Housewarming” is on the Brooklyn Jazz Underground label. Learn more at……..


…..THE BATCH – The band to which ARNE FOGEL, BARRY THOMAS GOLDBERG and GARY PAULAK belonged from the late 60s into the mid-70s, has just released it’s first new “single” since 1972! Title: “SHOOT A HOLE THROUGH IT”. Hear a sample (and purchase) at CDBABY:….



……“DREAMS IN APPARTMENTS”, the new CD by NANCY HARMS, is currently available! The sessions took place in early December, 2012 at Michael Brorby’s Acoustic Studios in Brooklyn, NY, with ARNE FOGEL and NANCY HARMS co-producing, and Harms’ band featuring AARON PARKS (piano), JOHN HART (guitar), DANTON BOLLER (bass) and RJ MILLER (drums), plus a special appearance on one track by trombone legend WYCLIFFE GORDON. “DREAMS IN APARTMENTS” includes compositions by such tunesmiths as JAY LIVINGSTON & RAY EVANS, DUKE ELLINGTON, ALEC WILDER, JOHNNY BURKE & JIMMY VAN HEUSEN, ERIC SATIE, JOHNNY MERCER, LIONEL HAMPTON, SONNY BURKE, as well as four new songs composed by Harms, three of which were written in collaboration with Fogel. Mixing was completed in February of 2013 at CREATION AUDIO in Minneapolis. On the brand-new GAZELLE label. To hear previews, see video, and learn how to purchase via CD or download, visit NANCY HARMS‘s website.

from The Wall Street Journal
from The Wall Street Journal

….A recent column by JIM WALSH in the STAR-TRIBUNE noted the success of Minnesotan Nicholas David on the NBC TV series “THE VOICE”, and then went on to list 25 other Minnesota vocalists whom Walsh would “love to hear on the big stage”, adding that “This state is crawling with great singers….Here are a few suggestions worthy of Carson Daly’s rapture…” ARNE FOGEL was one of the singers cited, with Walsh describing the “understated, elegant, and Sinatra-esque reading” of one of Fogel’s performances. To read the full article, which includes the 24 other singers, click HERE.

…..Arne Fogel, working under the supervision of BING CROSBY ENTERPRISES’ vice president for marketing and production ROBERT S. BADER, has written the extensive liner notes for the very first American release of Bing Crosby’s 1975 album “A SOUTHERN MEMOIR”. The album, produced by Crosby himself and originally released only in Great Britain, is now available in worldwide release.  See BINGCROSBY.COM for further info about this and other great new Crosby CD and DVD releases. …..Arne has also written the text for the “RADIO” section of BINGCROSBY.COM, the official website….

Arne Fogel and the Wolverines Quartet: Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams


The Batch: Blue Sky Day - The Lost Music of MidAmerica, Vol II. 1970-1973

…..”THE BATCHWAIT ‘TIL TOMORROW” is the title for the special limited “Collector’s Edition” vinyl release of the “TRANSISTOR” CD. This special LP release from Europe contains a 4-page insert with bio, lyrics, photos, and a B/W poster. READ A REVIEW OR ORDER HERE! The original “Transistor” CD, a compilation of the “basement” recordings of THE BATCH, circa 1968-1971, is available at CD BABY, and also in the Twin Cities at ELECTRIC FETUS and TREEHOUSE RECORDS in Minneapolis, and now available at ROADRUNNER RECORDS in Minneapolis…..

The Batch: Transistor - Lost Basement Recordings 1968 - 1971

….Selections from Arne’s CDs (“WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS” and “LET’S NOT BE SENSIBLE!”) are frequently being featured before a national audience on “MUSIC CHOICE”, the cable-TV network that serves the entire country. Listen on their “Standards & Swing” channel. …..NY-based internet music channel “THE PENTHOUSE” also continues to play tracks from both CDs….

Arne Fogel and Maud Hixson: Let


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